Sunday, May 5, 2013

anything could happen♥

Well let me just start with the wonderful colors..
Beening my favorite style to wear purple and to have a beautiful feel of the redish burgundy look! Many say and feel that looks are everything but maby its the clothing u wear that can bring your confidence level up.. wearing this beautiful trend..  by the treand setting in there is a history from each side… Different classes of Aztecs wore different clothes. Upper class Aztecs wore cotton clothes and feather headdresses. Ordinary people wore clothes made from maguey plant fibre. Men wore loin cloths and cloaks tied with a knot at one shoulder. Women wore wrap around skirts and tunics with short sleeves. Married women coiled their hair on top of their heads. So as many can see this is not anything unknown its out now and u can get your hands on it personaly from !(::::HighRize:::)! Take the tp there and have fun     ty nikkiirene♥

Hair: >TRUTH< Helena w/Roots - night
                                     Top: !(::::HighRize:::)! Purple Ombre Aztek (New ty)♥ Also at fi*Friday
                               Bottoms: !(::::HighRize:::)! HW Harlequinn Shorts (New ty)♥ Also at fi*Friday 
                           Shoes: [DDL] Obsession
                       LipStick: Pink Acid Ombre Lips 
                    Lashes:*+*Girlicious*+*Store   Mery Lashes (New ty)♥

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