Saturday, February 9, 2013

[̲̅s̲̅][̲̅w̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅t̲̅] [̲̅d̲̅][̲̅r̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅a̲̅][̲̅m̲̅][̲̅s̲̅]

New from glam-or-us mainstore.. sexy hello kitty is in and you can get the whole outfit (HERE) Just hit the link and u will see more form 
!Moody Artis& Reese Toros) ty!!! 

Skin: *JeSyLiLO*::GroupGift*

Shoes: Glam-Or-Us* Hello Kitty> PunkAnkleBoots (NEW) ty

Bag: Glam-Or-Us* Hello Kitty Bag (NEW) ty

Pants&Top: Glam-Or-Us (NEW) ty

Hair:.: vive nine :. Wild Wild! in Jet

Tattoo: :LP:  Fucked Up Beautifully

Makeup: Blush Creme de lips w teeth Mauve

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